Corruption In Pakistan

Corruption In Pakistan

Corruption is a core issue which is spreading day by day in our country.  While the rulers keep making claims about controlling corruption in the country, the fact is that Pakistan still suffers a loss of PRs 22 billion every day due to corruption. Not just in Pakistan, infect all developed, developed and as well as underdeveloped countries are also suffering from the same issue. If we talk about financial and intellectual corruption, then it is also being raised in Pakistan because there is no practical accountability mechanism, and due to the dishonesty of rulers Pakistan has lagged behind in economic and social progress. As all know that corruption is just like cancer which is making the country weaker, not just government the public is also blind to stop the corruption when election time comes then public votes the same corrupt leaders so corrupt leaders are being increased in every election because of the votes of the public. A common English saying goes as “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”.

it’s my humble request that corruption must be vanished in our country, so think before you vote.

Rizwana Basher Ahmad  

Balochistan Pakistan

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