Dangerous Blue Whale Game

Dangerous Blue Whale Game

Recently two girls have been found playing dangerous Blue Whale game in Jhelum expelled from college where they were reached level 18 of the game another was playing level 22. The disgraceful Blue Whale game has made its way to Pakistan after causing deaths across the world. Two cases of youngest, who have been reported from Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar. It is important to note that the majority who play the game already have a history of mentally issues. The game is common amongst youths and young. According to a study from increased levels of mental pressure as compared to other age groups. Meanwhile, the game has been developed flourish, the National Response Centre for Cyber-crime must take strict action to control downloading the game on smartphones. It is the dire need of the time to provide proper emotional counseling and on a regular basis.

Adnan Dost

Balochistan Pakistan

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