Don’t Curse Anyone

Don’t Curse Anyone

Ali, this is the time to come at home and why don’t you read and do your homework” said my older brother. Ali could not answer him because he was elder and Ali has to respect him. Salman was reading in class 10th and Ali was enrolled in class 7th.It is a fact that, he was weak in school and from the beginning his class result has been dissatisfactory to his parents. Ali was going to the next class by scoring the last grade marks which was hurting his parents and brother. His brother was a topper at school and he always listened complains about his brother that his performance is very much bad. Whenever his brother received any dissatisfaction result from his teacher came at home and yelled on Ali. Sometimes Salman said used offensive words to Ali which pressurized him more. However, this was the time Ali`s first term exam syllabus was given and Salman forced him to study and bring a fruitful result. When examination was near every night Salman came to him, insulted Ali and used aggressive words to pressurize him more to strive hard. In fact, the uncooperative behavior of Salman put Ali in hot water. Moreover, Ali studied late night due to the pressure of brother and parents but he was not able to understand the things well and Salman, parents never understood this thing.They just wanted the 1st grade this time. This thing brought Ali in situation of do and die. The days went and Ali give the exam soon after some day’s 1st term exam result got announced and Ali failed it which made to cry and he became very much nervous. He started to shaver. He was scared and afraid to go to home and show his result card to younger brother and parents. Furthermore, he thought not go to home today since he would be scold he feared. So, did not go to home. He went with one of classmate in his home to stay away from the offensive of his brother and parents. Soon after 2 hours. His parents became in the know that Ali is not come yet. They went to school and asked there. Principal argued that he went with one of his classmates. His parents were grief-stricken and searched to all his friends, at last, they found him in one of the neighbor’s home, sitting with his friend. When Ali saw his parents and brother he became alarmed. He was about to run away but he saw his dad who loved him very much, then he ran to him. They took Ali at home there his father understood the complete case and he tempered on Salman, scolded him and said next time don’t anxious Ali. Otherwise I will scold you. This is not a problem if someone is not good at reading. There are some low memory children who can’t memorize the things well but with the passage of time they become genius. Take the example of Elbert Einstein who faced many difficulties during his school days but after all he became the greatest scientist of the world. He nicely quoted, “You can never fail, until you stop trying.” This mean, we can never fail in our lives. We have to just try and survive. Furthermore, kindness and love will conquer fear and illusion any day. You should guide Ali and show your kindness in place of cursing and blaming him. Since a positive attitude can overcome a negative situation. Though Ali is weak in his studies but he is a sharp minded child and he is good at football which is not less than any other thing. You should always motivate Ali and give him courage so that he should be optimistic and fight with any hardship in his life.


By Sabir Kareem

Balochistan Pakistan

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