Elections And Duration Of Leadership In Pakistan

Elections and duration of leadership in Pakistan

Election of Pakistan has a breath taking history which is full of twists and turns. Between 1947 and 1958 there were no election in the national level however elections were done in provincial level and those elections are considered as” a farce, mockery and fraud upon electorate. The rough election caused the separation of East Pakistan. After the loss of Bangladesh in 1977 the general election took place but due to the political violence the martial rule come into play. Again the general election took place in 1988 but dismissed because of lawlessness situation in country. In 1990 the general election were held and in 1993 it was as usually dismissed. However the leadership of Benazir Bhutto who was martyred latter on had a great impact she worked on infinite problems and did her best but she was dismissed in 1996 by her own handpicked president. After that the recent prime minister Mr. Nawaz sharif again popularity however general Musharaf took him to the Supreme Court and ended his role. Zafarullah Jamali becomes the prime minister in 2002. In 2008 general election was by PPP and Asif zurdari become the only leader who had completed his rule. The general election of 2013 won by PML still is in rule after all that happen between 2013 to 2017 difference cases were on Nawaz shairf the other political parties did their best to finish his rule, put cases like doing fraud in election, the panama league and Imran khan debts over Nawaz sharif and the slogans eco the atmosphere of go Nawaz go. But he did his best bring developments in the country and solving issues of Baluchistan. The upcoming election of 2018 is under eyes of everyone. The different political parties have started doing camping in all over Pakistan. After having a long history of unsuccessful elections with frequent military takeovers, Pakistan’s democratic journey has been anything but a steady. But still we are hoping for a successful democratic transition of government in 2018. All of us are looking for a better voting system as well as by e voting which allows the voter to record secure and secret ballot. E voting is the safest and best way of stopping corruption in votes. In conclusion our figures are crossed and hoping for the best in the election of 2018 and a better leadership.

By Muzammil Hussain

Islamabad Pakistan.

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