Poor people need help

Poor people need help

Balochistan is the richest and largest province of Pakistan. But heart to see that a number of people are living in poverty line.  However, poverty remains destruction for the rest of nation and it highly affects the growth the country. Likewise, in Balochistan, it is like a sticky germ which is terribly destroying the growth of the province. Because of poverty violence had gotten ways to attack within the province even though it has provided harms in human life. According to the recent condition of a girl who was suffering from the kidney problems. But lake sources to save her and it seem that poverty has tied that to do nothing for the safety. The Same way a number of population is living in poverty line also server child is out of school and working as child labor. So, the concert authorities to vanish the poverty within the province as well help the poor people.

Rukhsra Barket Ali

Balochistan, Pakistan

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