The real Happiness

The real Happiness

It is 8th of Zul Haj today after two days is Eid ul Azha said shah Jan to his friend Meer Jan. Yeah dear, you are right, Eid is around the corner we have not bought anything for Eid yet, Meer Jan explained when will we go for shopping did you plane, asked Shah Jan. Tomorrow we will go for shopping. What do you say, Meer Jan replied. I don’t have any objections, Shan Said. Dear chum, I have a work at home, I must leave now, but be ready tomorrow early in the morning, Meer Jan suggested, OK bye see you tomorrow.
The next day Shah Jan got up early in the morning. Mum! Today I am going for shopping with my friend Meer Jan quickly make breakfast if I become late Meer Jan with be emotional. OK, dear son, it will be ready soon by the time you get ready replied his mother. After some moments Shah Jan had his breakfast and went to Meer Jan’s home.
Hi! How are you Meer Jan? I am happy and you? I am feeling well. Still, you are not ready asked Shah Jan. No dear I am ready just I was waiting for you replied Meer Jan. Let’s go, they both started going toward bazaar. While they were going suddenly they saw a small bog crying. They went near to him and started talking with him. Why are you crying? Asked Shah Jan. He didn’t reply anything. Dead brother what happened that you are crying, Meer Jan asked. My mum and dad passed away by an accident I don’t have any relative to give me cloth, whose, and much more to celebrate. Tomorrow is Eid all children ware new clothes what should I wear the boy said. Tears came out from their eyes we will give you these all things, will come with us? Both friends asked. Yes, I will come with you boy replied. They took the boy to the bazaar and bought all those things which he wanted. They spend them all money on the orphan boy. They took the boy with them to their homes. They reached Shah Jan’s home his mother give them water, later on, she asked who is this boy? This is an orphan who was crying on the roadsides. Shah said. I am proud of you both that you did such a great action, she replied.
Today I am really happy that you have done it like an angle not human. Mother explained. Both of the friends were very much exited and all the family members become happy. They made the Eid with re-enjoyment.

Phullan Chakar

Balochistan Pakistan 

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