Rude policemen’s

Rude policemen’s

As everyone keeps their money and other expensive things on the bank to be safe and secure. In the same way, the force of the country safe and secure their nation. Force play an important and positive role for the safety of the country. But unfortunately, our country force  (police ) is became very much rude in their field especially in roads, when they are in duty if someone do a small mistake in driving then directly the policemen utter bad words and abuse to the driver. So it is not the way to conversation or deal with the public. Police work is to give duty in their field and if someone do a mistake then they should make him understand about that, if someone will be needy then it is the duty of the policemen to help them for the solution of that problem. But instead of that, our police don’t know how to talk with someone and if someone does a mistake then the police cannot solve that problem. If the police cannot solve a small mistake then how can care a big nation?  So the government should take those people in police who are well trained, good behavior and mature.

By Suliman Zabad Baloch
Balochistan Pakistan
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