The Lack of Talent Show in School

The lack of talent show in school

A talent show is an event where participants perfume talents for singing, dancing, acting, or other activities to showcase skills. Many talent shows are performances rather than contests, but some are actual contests. In the instance of a contest, participants may be motivated to perform for a reward, trophy, or prize of some kind. For example, a high school might not have many students with any interest in performing in front of the student body for the sole purpose of performing alone and may offer different prizes as an incentive for these students to participate in the contest. In the same way, the lack of talent show as the lack of career direction. Since, talent show is the only source to know what you have and what you can do on your journey. Because until we know what we to do and what we can do, we will not be able enough to know where to go and where not to. In spite of this, these shows create opportunities for the students to go in abroad to get a better education environment. There are countless examples; they are countless spelling to write their names.  But unfortunately, it has been devalued in overall Pakistan. Each and every one has negative views regarding it. Though it gives us several chances to be encouraged, it has been marginalized in the feet of every Pakistani. In fact, when we say the name of talent show people start laughing at us. But they don’t know the talent is everything for a human.

By Nizar Jan
Balochistan Pakistan


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