Think first Do later

Think first, do later

Meerak was five years old as his father admitted him to a private school and his mom wanted this so. They sent him to school but Meerak did not want he should read in a private school since he thought that may belong to a family poor and we do not have two times food and how I can read there and his parent has wanted to understand their child but he had refused to join a private school rather he wanted to get education in a government school but after 3 days they have agreed that whatever you want to do and read anywhere you can do. And from that, he had been admitted in a government school and worked dawn to dusk to be a doctor since from childhood his parents wished that he should be a doctor. And this aim they wanted that their child should get a quality education. And fulfill the wishes of his parents. When he had passed his matric examination and he wanted to take admission in a medical college and when he had been selected biology so he wanted to follow what his parents wanted and he joined biology in there he faces a lot of difficulties and after one year he wanted to leave his education since he did not have a great selection of subjects whatever, other people said he would follow the words of others later he become confused that I cannot read biology so it is very tough and he said to one of the closet teacher of him.  Sir, how can I select the subject and what I have lessened from my parents and what they have said so I joined and what is the solution of this question? He told him that before joining and preparing any subject, you have to think firstly which kinds of the subject it is and rather it is tough for me or not, I can read it or not. According to the intellectual that thinks first and later do whatever you want. He has listened to these words carefully and from that day he thinks that first think about of the words and do these later. For several years he had worked hard to be a successful person and by the passage of time he had achieved the main purpose of life and after he had to understand the young generation students that whatever you want

to do, firstly imagine the advantages and disadvantages of works and after thinking you have to follow the way what you want to be.


Fida Zaman 

Balochistan Pakistan

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