Three daughters of Eve Book Reviews

Three daughters of Eve

The book was giving a great lesson that a human can have different kinds of obstacles and difficulties. But we should not quit rather we should make them run. And we must believe on what we should follow. And we should follow the truth and when its necessary we should speak truth. Because if “time went once than never comes back”

This book title is three daughter of Eve. The writer is Mrs. Elif Shafak who is one of the bestselling author of turkey. The novel story was started in 198s till 2016. Three daughters of Eve is a sweeping tale of faith and friendship tradition and modernity, love and unexpected betrayal. This book is mind-blowing and everyone should read it especially the women should read it. Hence this book carries a very amazing them. The writer has put the situation in such a way that plot had increased nicely.

This is the review of the book three daughters of Eve by Elif Shafak. The novel gets shorts in modern-day means in 2016 Istanbul. Peri a wealthy housewife and a mother with her daughter Deniz are on her way to a dinner party at a seaside mansion.

During traffic, a beggar steels her handbag. When she tried to get the bag a photograph falls down from her wallet a photograph of Oxford University. Three girls named Mona, Shirin and Peri and a professor of university” professor Azur” the photograph took Peri to her old days of Oxford University which she wanted to forget. That time she was at the age of nineteen. She remembered her two friends with whom she stayed in the same house. Shirin with short skirt high heels and heavy makeup and Mona a believer a hijab wearing devout Muslim feminist. In addition the three of them were the student of professor Azur, whose class on god believes some students defeated and destroyed and other worshiped him. Azur was not quite to be trusted but his thoughts gave impressive open mindedness to his students. The three of them were Azur best students. The two Mona and shirin used to light with concept of god. But Peri never fought with them.

Shirin was sincere from Peri and Mona. When Peri was at Oxford she always thoughts about Azur and his seminar. Azur also was close to them and he was too closed with Shirin. Troy the lover of Shirin could not bear this and said to Peri that Azur and Shirin affair is going on. She and Azur spent their time together without the seminar moreover; he said that Azur has keen interest to have girls with him.

 This novel contains many characters. But the important characters are seven. They are  1. Peri: the main role of the confused ne always stuck whether God exists or not, she grew up in Istanbul in 1980s.

When she was listened these words she was totally destroyed all the days she thought about that. And at night she committed suicide. But luckily she was all right. And the chemical put adverse effect to her and she was not able to talk the next day troy gave a complain to the principle of Oxford University about Azur. The principle called Azur and said that Peri had committed suicide owing to you. Azue was shocked to hear that Peri had tried to commit suicide. And the principle said to Azur till Peri will not be fully fine you should not attend classes. Because we will see if Peri had committed suicide to die. You will be resigned if not then you can attend your classes again.  Furthermore, when Peri was all right and she was discharged from the hospital. The committee of Oxford University called her. When she went there Shirin and Mona were already present there. After a while also Azur approached there.  Again she started thinking about Azur. She felt ashamed for her this trouble activity. She could not see Azur. She was totally broken into pieces. This time she hated herself. She could not stand there she ran away without saying anything. And she left Oxford University forever and went to Istanbul. To put it in another way, she did not say anything that’s why Azur was resigned. Certainly when Peri was at party of Istanbul in 2016 she was missing Oxford University. She finds out Shirin number and called her. Shirin was so amazed to talk Peri on phone. Shirin said to Peri that it was your civic duty to say sorry to Azur. Then Shirin gave Azur number to Peri to talk with him. Peri called Azur when Azur said Hello Peri was out of her soul as if she got her life. At first she did not say anything after a moment than she spoke to him after fourteen years. Azur was happy to talk with her. And peri happiness was as extreme that we can’t imagine. Peri felt sorry was confused. And peri talked to him as a professor means she told a story was the student. Peri was relaxed to talk with Azur. Here talking was continue that the mobile gale switch off due to low battery.

By Shugufta Dil Murad

Balochistan Pakistan

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