Virtue is the symbol of solution

Virtue is the symbol of solution

When the bell of the clock rang loudly, I woke up and I bathed. It was almost seven o’clock and I wasn’t late for the school when suddenly I heard my mom call out, “Adnan, get ready promptly, the school time is arriving. “Listening to my mother’s words, I quickly put on my uniform, I laced my shoes up, took the school bag and rushed to the dining table where my mum had already been waiting for long.

And after having my breakfast and shooting a glance over the young world magazine made my direct way to the school.

It was almost 7:30 and I went to a nearby shop to buy me a chocolate when suddenly witnessed people gathering around something thought maybe two people were fighting or something else was going on.
The nearer I walked to the people, the faster my heart pondered, my nerves started getting numb and finally, I saw what I don’t wish upon anyone.

When I reached there I observed the crowd completely disappointed and worried. After few minutes I saw a person who slept on the road with his body completely damaged and blood gushing from his face to the chest. “What happened to him?” I asked.

“He has collided with a car.” I heard someone call out. Witnessing that incident, my tears shredded from my eyes. However, no one was ready to help the boy out but seeing his deadly situation took him to the
hospital by a cab. When we reached the hospital at 8; 00 O’clock, after a few minutes, the Dr said to me that he needed blood because more blood has been wasted if he does not get blood on time then chances were not possible for his recovery. And then I had a brilliant idea in my mind that my mother advised me whenever I was in a big problem had to be relaxed and find how to solve the problem asked the doctor that I was ready to donate blood but my blood was not eligible. After that when I went to my school and was on the threshold of the door and said, “May I come in Sir? “When I entered, my teacher scolded me by saying “Is it the time to come in the school. Get out of my class. “And answering to his question, I narrated all the story to my teacher which occurred near the park hotel.

And I told them that the man has wasted too much blood and needed blood to survive. But despite that, nobody was ready to donate blood in our class. Not acquiring blood, I wanted to go to another class to find blood but suddenly I was called by the teacher to come back.

Fortunately, our teacher was ready to donate blood. I felt happy and glad that time because I had achieved a one and only virtue in my entire life.

When we went together in the hospital, my English teacher donated blood to that boy. After a while, the boy felt a bit better. By the virtue, when I left the hospital at 1 O’clock, mom. Asked me where was I and she added that my friend Asim had told her that I was not present in the school. “What was the reason that you bunked from the class? “Inquired my mother.

“MOM, I didn’t bunk but I was in the hospital for helping a boy who met an accident,” I replied. “Well done, my son. There is not a better way than to save a person’s life. Undoubtedly, it is extremely mazing to help the needy people and show sympathies to them. “Dear son, one thing we must not forget that we are here in the world for a short time until we remain alive, we should support and help the poor.  Since by helping the people we can get virtue and Allah the Almighty would be happy for doing certain deeds and the works help us in the Day of Judgment.”

I realized from that day onwards would help anyone in need and serve humanity.


Adnan Dost

Balochistan Pakistan



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