Water Problem in Shahi Tump Turbat

Water Problem in Shahi Tump Turbat

Shahi Tump is a major town of Turbat, but it is very disappointing to say that people are facing numerous hardships for water. What is more surprising is that in this modern era people are deprived of their fundamental need water. Firstly, there are three or four water supplies but among them one is remaining other all are stopped people made these water supplies their go-down and restrooms and day by day they are getting in worst conditions but the one which is better or remaining is not giving water properly because this is transferring the water into two sides one day they turn it on one side and the second day the next side but just for two hours they give water even though the time they give water electricity is not available while electricity comes, water has gone then absolutely people are compelled to turn it on themselves from the water supply. Water is the fundamental and legislative right of every person.

I request the government and concerned authorities to resolve this hurdle as soon as possible.



Balochistan Pakistan

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