A Thirsty Fish

A thirsty fish

Once there was a fish that was in a sea where he gets whatever he wants. He was not narrow by anything but still he wants more. Nothing was remain to be demand so then he wants pure and clean water because that sea water was ample salty. But on the other hand there were was also some more fishes but they were not greedy like him. He always consider his condition worst and others best.

He never thanks whatever he had even he always demand more. He had all his needs but he usually desire to get better things than other fishes. But one day he stops demanding things because he became bore enough on this sea so he began badness of this sea. He aim and start planning to  go in another sea. So all fishes suggest him to not go but he thought they jealous on him so he didn’t listen them.

One day he listen numerous praises about a sea so he go out from that sea into another one and accomplish his aim  and he immensely feel good and happily pass his time but after few days he feels evil because the water of sea were decreasing so he become the victim of dearth of water and after a month that sea water got finished and the fish become thirsty  and  have died. So friends become too greedy and not listening others will be awful for our own.

By Mehran Zamurani
Balochistan Pakistan

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