Believe Opens The Success Way

Believe Opens The Success Way

Remember 1919, when an accident accord where two people died who were known the parents of a boy, named by Mahraj and with it all society members used to call him orphan and only his uncle was the person who love him, but the other family associates, disliked him. However, when he came in age 10 his beloved uncle passed away after this he considered that the citizens are right that “he is an orphan”. Not only this, the son of his uncle tried to send him in village.

Nevertheless, since he didn’t want to go because the need of him was to continue his education therefore he went to his uncle’s wife that “please help him” rather helping, she scold him and also used to beat so that he should go from here right now. This moment was full of sorrows and unjustness; hence it became the changing point of his life. Once he was sitting under the shadow of a tree in forest and a man came, as he asked, “Why you are sitting lonely? So he replied that he is unlucky in this world that his dream can’t get complete. The man said, “Tell your wish I will help to fulfill it”.

Mahraj answered, I had interest to read but no one was there to support that I could achieve my vision. As same the man said, “Do you have believe”? Yes I have the boy replied. But with whom? Man said. Mahraj responded that he has faith in Allah the Almighty. The honest man assumed, “best of luck”, and I promised with you that I will support in each step of your life till the success. Finally, the man himself was a teacher than he teach  Mahraj well. In any case, he came to 35 years the life of Mahraj converted to a Doctor and the success came under the feet of him.

One day a patient came for treatment so he asked the name as he replied, “Charag”. Directly Mahraj come to know that he is the son of uncle and by means of all he said to the patient that who am i? So Charag move toward a deep feeling. Moreover, he was very ashamed and he could not say sorry, but then he said sorry to him for all he did with him in childhood, to conclude his heart was honest and forgive Charag for all those events.

Moral: Believe makes every step of yours in success and change your life as you want.


 By Sara Badal 

Balochistan Pakistan


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