Bound minds

Bound minds

While students are being tortured in the field of education so it would be impossible to show great . consequences. However, the present condition of Balochistan residential college Turbat (BRC) is same where students are bounded mentally. Furthermore, it is common observation that while a student is not relax so it would be improbable to grasp the things. In one side the fees structure of Balochistan Residential college will make a brilliant image in the minds of People, in college a good quality of education is being provided but in reality of course it is not.

Despite of this, the causes of these all destructions are those who are running the college because students are being blackmailed. Due to what a lot of students left the college and no one is willing to study in college. Nevertheless, students are being valued who came in college through power and recommendation. By seeing the above issues it is clear that the present condition of Balochistan Residential college are unbearable. When students came out from college on their holidays they are as much happy as prisoners platitudinous from prison.

Nonetheless, these injustice action must be stop with the students and students must be free from all these evils afterwards all students should be seen equally in order that they should carry on their study in easy way.

By Ibrahim Majeed

Balochistan Pakistan

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