Curse of Impoverishment

Curse of Impoverishment

Life is not always smooth and free of worries and tension. Life doesn’t always respond to our expectations. Ups and Downs are believed to like spice of life. However, there also exist some unabated problems that are difficulty to handle. Poverty is one of those serious issues that we have failed to deal with. Poverty leaves a plethora of adverse impacts on people’s health, education, personal life and the hinders the development and progress development of a country.

Countries with high poverty ratio are found to be counted among the most backward countries in term of education, development and health. Poverty provokes suicide and other evils like joining gangs, crimes, corruption, and drug addiction. People living in poverty can’t lead a satisfactory life and play their role as a good and responsible citizen.

In this modern and technological world, money has a great importance and use almost in every minute of life. Poverty-stricken people can’t step out of their home because of impoverishment and lack of money. Finding it hard to meet, at least, daily life’s needs, they think of their existence of no importance at all. This is what leads them to suicide.

Education is believed to be the key to success. As we throw a glance over the developed countries we find education to be of the first priority. Unfortunately, children born in poverty can’t enjoy this basic and constitutional right. After primary level, they are thrown into child labour by their parents as they are unable to make the both ends meet. Child labour, on the other hand, is the result of poverty which snatches the childhood, freedom, and all the rights and privileges that children should enjoy at such an age.

Egoistic children, thinking of  laboring of little respect , apply illegal means and tactics to earn money which gives a reasonable rise to corruption and crimes in the country. Poverty also poses serious risks to the health of people and children. Children suffer from malnutrition and fall prey to several lethal diseases if not attended by doctors for medical checkup. As ill luck would have it, people living under poverty line can’t make it to the doctors for treatment and getting the problem diagnosed which, with the passage of time, turns deadly and can cause death. A tiny health issue turns to be a major one if left unattended and untreated. As poor people can’t afford a healthy diet, their body doesn’t get sufficient energy to develop a functioning immune. This is the reason little disorders cause severe complications.

It is said that people of a country have an immense contribution in the country’s progress and advancement. This is only possible when youth of the country is laced with skills and standardized education. Poor people can’t afford good education in our country. Poverty creates sense of deprivation, slavery, and dependency which leads the youth to despair. Disappointed and discouraged, youth find it impossible to lead a smooth life. Having no jobs and wandering in search of jobs, youths think of many other sources of making money.

They come across many illegal and illicit activities which they will do in compulsion. This is what spirals up the crime rate in the country. Youth in developed countries are facilitated with all the necessities they need to create an effective workforce. Unfortunately, our youth gets addicted to lethal and life threatening drugs as they reach a point with no destination visible to them. Let alone the contributions in development, these drug addicts become a burden on their families, society and the country. Modern and competitive world is hard to be faced if we are not fully equipped.

Poor people can’t reach the stage where they can call themselves responsible citizens of the country. Countries with high poverty ratio often suffer a lot of maladies. Finding it unaffordable to cope with the hard situations poor people tend to take risk in their lives. Some even sell their young children and many others resort to selling their parts of body like kidney. This is where people fall into an immense trap which they will find impossible to be broken. As it is said empty brain is devils workshop.

Mind creates plots to settle the situation leading to dangerous experiences and activities. The solution to this problem is the need of the hour. Government should play its role to eradicate poverty from the most possible parts of the country. This can be possible by providing the children with good education. Technical institutions should be established and technical education should be imparted to youth in order to create an effective and functioning workforce.

Industries should be set up in areas with high poverty ratio so as to create more and more job opportunities to residents of those areas. Hospitals should be built and treatment at cheap cost should be given in order to fight the health related issues. Country’s prosperity dwells in its people’s prosperity.

By Fida Umrani

Karachi Pakistan

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