Don’t Wait Cheating


Long time ago in a small village lived two brothers named Nasir and nadil and also they were class fellows. Nasir was a great and hard working student also he always searches for good friends. But his younger brother Nadil was a lazy student in school time and most of time he made fun of others people even though sometimes teachers with his beloved friends.

It was exam time headmaster announced that this time no cheating as well no chances of  promoting and if any kind of cheating materials will be find so his/her paper will be sign and for sure he can’t gives exam till two years.

 While Nasir listed the headmaster speech and went to his Nadil and said” dear do you know today headmaster had given a big speech about exam and he declared that this time no cheating ‘’ suggested by elder brother Nasir.

While listing the words of Nasir he started laughing HAHAHAHAHA and replied to Nasir ‘’who is headmaster to stop us for cheating no doubt that our team will do cheating and there is no one to stop us”.

After listing Nadil word then Nasir tries to convince him but his brother was not ready to listen him and at the same moment Nadil went out of the door for playing football with his friends.

However, after one week the date sheet were fixed on the notice board and the first paper was math which was already difficult for Nadil but he did not do preparation for the paper.

 At was the 3rd of May as well the paper of math so Nasir woke up early took a bath went towards school side. Likewise, Nadil woke but last night he prepared cheating material so he took the all cheating material and went to school with his school friends.

During the paper Nadil talked with his friends and took some cheating materials to write his paper but unfortunately, headmaster was wondering here and there and he saw Nadil was cheating and he signed the paper of him so, after the examination the result was announced so Nadil was failed in Math paper. However, his brother Nasir got the 2nd position and teacher awarded him so he went to home too happily. But Nadil was very much worried that his father will beat him and so Nadil went to home with a sad face.

By Dolat khan
Balochistan Pakistan


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SOURCEDolat khan
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