Drugs Addiction

Drugs Addiction

Drug addiction is one of the most horrifying issues in our society. It stops the country for development and destroys the future of the new generation. It damages the lives of human beings. Now days it has become a common obstacle in Pakistan. On the other hand, the drugs adductor cut themselves or forgot the realities of life. It is being increased day by day. They mostly used drugs are heroin, opium, cocaine as well as marijuana.

Most of drugs are coming from neighboring   countries, like, Afghanistan. According to the reports 8.9 million people use drugs in the country. It is rapidly growing in Pakistan and south Asia including INDIA, BANGLADESH, NEPAL and Maldives are suffering from this. Likewise, Pakistan is the worst country in south Asia. Every day 700 people die in the country due to drugs. It is a fact that, drug adductors cannot work regularly in the time.

When they need money whose sells their properties, steel the things, start begging even though they will compel to join criminals gangs or start killing the people. They became burden to any country. But unfortunately, 61pc 0f population of the country use drugs on year. Today the country has the largest heroin consumer market in south Asia region. Pakistan is not the only main source of exporter of heroin but it is also importer of drugs. 5pc of the adult population is using drugs in the country. Heroin users have been increased from 860,000 7.5pc in 1983. On the other side, the drug adductor want to run away from their responsibilities, difficulties, and challenges of life. People mostly use cannabis drugs in the country. Four million people are using cannabis.

It effects the ones mental and physical capabilities. Due to this they are begging it all hours the day in the streets with sunken eyes, hollow cheeks or torn clothes. Sometimes die on footpaths. The new generation is slowly of drugs are being addicted of drugs. It has become a serf our problem in our cautery. It is the responsibility of every citizen to take concrete step the prevention of this bad hobbit.

It is must to give awareness among all people. Every parent’s showed educate their children and make them from drugs as well as bad company. For the prevent pop of drugs parents and teachers role can; t be ignored in the regard every citizens should await negative impact of drugs

By Alijan

Balochistan Pakistan  


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