Girls Authority

Girls authority

Granting authority to girls in regard to their education and career is of great necessity in modern era. Unluckily, girls in most parts of Pakistan are not authorized to independently choose a career for themselves.

That’s why the ratio of girls education stands at only 48% which is seriously appalling. Girls are thought to be made for domestic work and confined within four walls in our society. In developed countries, girls and boys are equally treated and given their rights which has magnificently contributed to their advancement. As it is said that all the men and women possess the right to get education.

Neglecting the talents and skills of girls is causing great troubles and miseries for girls and ratio of education continues to decrease. Educating girls is educating the larger part of nation which will result in fruitful consequences in future.

We need to eradicate the perception of confining and neglecting girls in order to compete the world.

By Sameer Umrani

Karachi Pakistan

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