Hazaras community

Hazaras community

Hazara community is the part of southern Pakistan. The community had been targeted by terrorist and suicide attacks. Actually it is a small community in Pakistan who are the part of Quetta the capital of Balochistan. But unfortunately, in Pakistan the shia communities are being targeted without any reason.

From the beginning in 1880 hazara have been living in Pakistan. They have migrated due to ethnic cleaning by the Afghan Taliban. The women, small children and women are being killed. On the other hand, at least 2017 five or six attacks have been done against shia community in Baluchistan.

A number of innocent people died and injured including women, small children as well as men. Recently they were targeted while they were shopping in vegetables market in Quetta where five people lost their lives.

According to the reporter 20% shia Muslims of population are sitting in Pakistan. In recent years, the persecution of hazaras in Quetta where 1300 dead and more than 1500 wounded. They are like labours, workers and poor people.

We are Muslims and we are called a Muslim state but unfortunately we are doing injustice with Muslims. We don’t understand the feelings of others. According to the dawn reporter ” the year of 2013 became the year of mass murders for shia community. In the first two months of the year, two huge blasts killed more than 200 people and injured thousand. In February 2013 they refused to bury hundred of their dead. Due to these injustice the hazaras businessmen closed their shops and sitting at home without doing any work just because of fear of attacks.

The employers are told not to turn up for work. The education system is being destroyed. In Mastung district 28 hazaras people were killed.

The government once again failed to save the lives of its citizens. None of the measures is take regarding shia community. It is responsibility of government to take a concrete steps against terrorism as soon as possible so that the lives and property of people are protected.

By Alijan Dilwash

Balochistan Pakistan

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