Life and Success at a Glance

Life and Success at a Glance

Undoubtedly, life is one of the nor precious gifts we all have been blessed with. There have always been gossips and discussions on how to lead, have and acquire a happy and prosperous life. People with their ideology about life have different and surprising definitions of a prosperous life. It is also based on facts that life is never perfect for anyone anywhere in the world. Though people dwelling in different parts of the world have different lifestyles but the very common phenomenon is that they want to lead the best life that nobody has ever lived.

Considering life a stage won’t be wrong as everyone has an entry and opportunity to perform. But it is also a reality that what types of platforms are those people residing in different parts of the world are provided with. Fortunately, a reasonable number of people have the time of their lives and a great deal of people can’t even imagine to be or do so. Life is ought to be what others approve of not what you it to be. It isn’t less than a dangerous challenge to act as if nothing has happened after getting weighty burden on your shoulders before even starting to step in the life.

Human beings are considered to be superior to all the creatures of the universe that exist. This is what leads to the cave of problems. Human beings are happy with what they have been entitled without even realizing whether or not they deserve it or not. What makes us different from other creatures is the power of thinking and planning. We aren’t any better than those of animals if we strive for what we want and are interested in. This is what animals do for their survival,  too. Why aren’t we concerned about other people around us? Why don’t we consider them of our level and status? Why do we think we deserve more than others? What makes us more specials than other people and creatures? Why don’t we consider others worthy of having what we have and want to have? These questions never arise in our minds throughout our life. If they do, we are either unable to answer them or we won’t try to be what we want.

It is often quoted that success belongs to those who prepare for it. The thing which worries is what is people’s perception about success. Reaching a stage where you want to be is not real success. Having all the luxuries of life is not real success. Neither getting everything you desired in your life nor being considered successful by people is real success. What real success is is beyond our imagination. Doing anything with heart and soul with no personal interest and benefits is what makes you really a successful person. Thinking selflessly and making every decision with consideration of avoiding hurting or troubling anyone makes you successful.

On the other hand, people seem to be living a life of slavery and dependency. We depend upon factories and industries to make the necessary things that we use in our daily life. Industry owners depend upon labourers to do the labour work and labours depend upon the wages to feed their children. This cycle teaches every person relies on others to lead his life smoothly. A master has no right to show superiority over the people working under his supervision. Judging people inferior by what their profession is like calling yourself inferior to those without whose contributions you are nothing.

Most people believe doing well and getting good in return. It isn’t greatness of people who return what they have been given rather it’s their greed and expectation to get the same next time. Helping people without any self-interest involved is real humanity. Respecting and approving little things that people can afford to do is real humanity. What you need is always judged by what your intentions are, but what you are should be known by what you do practically in your life. People around you deserve everything that you desire for. They should enjoy all the privileges that you are blessed with. You don’t have the right to snatch their dreams by acting better than them. This is only possible when you think that every person belongs to the same category among the categories of creatures.

Sharing is caring. What you share shouldn’t be something extra. What makes you special is your attitude towards others when have all the things you need. That is the moment when people lose control and start behaving as if their life will never see an ending. Successful people aren’t those who make others feel jealous of their success. They aren’t those who consider their success to be final. Successful are those who can understand every feeling of failure that others are going through.

Life is beautiful and prosperous if you aren’t controlled by your emotions, ego, desires and greed. Keep aside all the things that bother you and have a glance over what life has to offer. That will be the moment you realize how charming life has been without you noticing it for a second.

By Fida Umrani

Karachi  Pakistan

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