Life is a Journey

Life is a journey

The day which Monday. Nasir and his cousin decided to go for shopping in bazaar. He was very much happy because after one year he is going to his native place for eid. He visited in bazaar with his cousin and buy a lot of things for his family. His parents were much happy in this. Nasir’s father came and told his mother, ” Nasir called.

I will reach tonight at home tonight.” His small sister and brother were too much aid their brother is coming and will bring things for them. They were sitting the way of him and waiting. The time was at least 11’o clock, they went in hotel for taking lunch. After the lunch they have started their journey. Nasir said, I am very much excited today we are going our village.” Yeah you are right my chum and we have celebrated eid very happily with family members. Said his cousin.

Celebrating eid with family members and friends will never be forgotten. It will be a precious day. Explained Nasir with a joy. They were talking, their journey was going on. On the other side, after five hours travelling, they were very much tired. A hotel they have stopped their car for rest. They fresh themselves again start their journey. The way is very much good. I am feeling fresh. “What I think after eid we need to go for a picnic with beloved friends”. Said Nasir. You are absolutely right my dear. Said Ashraf.

They were enjoying a lot with their journey. The time was 7 O’clock they reached Gwadar.  At least 60 kilometers, they will reach in Turbat. I want to call my father because now we are near. After calling his father. But unfortunately their car got incident and it was flown down and he becomes very much serious. In the same place his life becomes end. His all desires and wishes have a daydream. In place of him, his body reached at home.

By Alijan Dilwash

Balochistan Pakistan


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