Load shedding in Turbat 

Load shedding in Turbat 

Turbat is one of the vast and salient cities of Balochistan which is situated on the edge of Kech rive but unfortunately its residents are facing abundant challenges and hurdles to dwell a significant life.

Moreover, Load Shedding is one of the massive hurdle for the people of Turbat Owing to the disarrangement of the QESCO. Lack of adequate electricity isn’t only creating major setbacks for the businessmen but also putting devastating consequences on students’ education because it is out of the question for students to study in the hot days of summer without electricity.

Furthermore, the citizens are facing woes because of extensive load shedding of 10 to 15 hours daily wise and it has become worst.
No doubt we are getting electricity from our neighborhood country Iran but still electricity is in deplorable condition due to negligence and irresponsibility of WAPDA though Iran has given 30 extra megawatts.

I request the Concerned Authorities to take stern and prompt action to resolve the hurdle.

By Sulaiman Niaz
Balochistan Pakistan


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