Long Live Humanity

Long Live Humanity

Once upon a time, there was a poor boy named Sagheer lived in a village, wanted to get education and be an impressive doctor, he thought to himself if he would be a doctor then he would make an exceptional hospital for the treatment of blood cancer in the village. So for the gettimg of education; he used to sell onions, spinaches and dates door to door, because he was a bookworm and poor too.

One day he was selling the onions and spinaches in a hamlet where he did not sell a single thing and did not have money to buy someting for eating, so he knocked at a door nearby asked for something to eat; after a while, a woman came out from that house, the boy was very peckish and did not say to her to give him food, instead of food he wanted a glass of water.

The girl “Manal” which means a strong as an ox ambition or desire to assist the one who are facing the down in the dumps. She was a cunning girl groked that the boy is famished for this he brought some dates with a glass of milk. After the eating the boy thanked her for her kindness and help.

Manal asked Sagheer, “Why are you selling such kinds of things in this age that now you should go  in a school for getting education?”

The boy’s eyes began to tear up and replied, ” I belong to a down and out class family if I go to school then who feed food to my small siblings and beloved mother?”

whoops-a-daisy! “I knew that most of the children are out of school in our country because of poverty but still we are asleep I am very worried about it “, explained Manal sadly.

” But if you work hard to gain education Sagheer , you will be successful in your life; you will be something for your parents and nation too, don’t be disappointed in your life because poverty cannot stop us to get education and reach  in our destinations “, said Manal hopefully.

“Okay, I want to go home now because I have to give the money to my mother and I am thankful to you you have opened my eyes sister”, exclaimed Sagheer.

“That is my right to motivate you or show you the right path If I know and thanks” , said Manal.

So the boy went his room and thought about it. After some days he started working very hard and worked positively, wisely and sincerely.During his study he faced so many pros and cons and fought with the problems boldly that he had due to the poverty.

The boy,  Sagheer was the only hope for  his parents and worked for his family incomes and his study  too.
He worked very hard to fullfill his desires and  dreams which he had for a long time as a result after some years he became an audacious doctor and opened a hospital for the poor people.

One day a little girl came to Saheer’s hospital for her mother’s treatment, she was suffering from a malignancy when doctor came for the checkup of that
woman aged 65 recognized her that she was that girl who has given him food in a village. Her daughter was worried about her mother’s tablets and medicines, because they were poor and downed in the mouth to give the fees of dispensary where they bought tablets and syrup.

At was the last day of the hospital when they asked their fees to another doctor, a worker said, “Your payment is clear, Dr Sagheer has cleared the payments “. She comprehended that helping others is the best humanity.

“When you give or donate something to someone you will carry them out one day”.

So do what is needed for humanity. Long live humanity.

By Munaj Gul Baloch

Balochistan Pakistan


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