Love of mother

Love of mother

“In my life you will never get success “said sahirs mother to sahir.

“Mom today I will not go to school because, our test is there and I did not prepare for it “with a crying face and a lazy sound sahir replied to his mother.

Everyone was sure that sahir will never get succeed .because of his Naughtiness and misbehaving. He always abuses the people, throw stones to them and fight with them. All the villagers were unhappy and upset with his rude behavior. Due to miss behaving of sahir his parents feel shame to go out from their home .But sahir was happy and proud with his attitudes. In place of school, he went with his friends in parks and many other places .he was with some bad boys and day by day he was being bad and naughty .His father suggests a lot but never lesson to anyone. Whatever he wishes he does that. Everyday another person came to sahirs father for a new reason of sahir .His parents were very much compel and they were in bad condition due to him.

It is believed that every action is a reaction; likewise, one day sahir was going somewhere for doing a new naughtiness, on the other side a small boy was hunting birds with stones. Suddenly, a stone came and in place of bird the stone hunt sahir. The stone fall in sahirs head, after falling stone, Sahirs conditions became very much bad. The take him towards the hospital. In hospital his parents came, they were very much nervous, when they meet sahir, sahir starts crying loudly. His parents were very much said. Sahir would see that his parents were very much caring him. Sahir asked to his mother that “I always hurt you, I never listen to you but still you are very much caring and worried about me” with these words of sahir, his mother’s tears came out and directly she hugged sahir and replied him “you are small and you cannot understand the feelings of a mother for her children.” These words of his mother killed sahir.

     Once again sahir hug his mother and cried. Now he was realizing that he has done a blinder that he never takes words of his parents. He promised to his parents that now he will run according to his parents and whatever they suggest, he will do that. Now his parents were very much happy and proud of their child, they send sahir daily school as well as he went to fields with his father and work there.

We must listen our parents becuase they are always right and they always think positive for our betterment. So everyone should respect parents.

 By Suliaman zabad
 Balochistan Pakistan 


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