Nuclear Weapon and in the world

Nuclear Weapon and in the world

Nuclear weapon causes several damages to the human beings, environment and climate on a scale incomparable to any other weapons .A nuclear explosion reaches a temperature of several million degree centigrade. over a wide area that resulting heat flash all human tissues.

The nuclear blast indirectly kills millions of people in twinkling of an eye and collapses huge  building and all inflammable materials burst into   flames .the immediate death rate will be over 90% people in underground shelters will die as all the oxygen in mix up of the atmosphere . However, most of these will suffer from fatal burns will be blinded, bleeding from glass splitters and suffer massive internal injuries. On the other hand, the effect of radioactive fallout include hair loss, bleeding and hemorrhagic diarrhea, gangrenous ulcers, vomiting, fever and terminal coma

The international Red Cross says that use of a single nuclear weapon in or near a populated area is likely to result in a humanitarian disaster that will be difficult to address. The global climate would have an overwhelming impact on food production.

The Red Cross father estimates   that a billion people around the world face starvation as a result of nuclear war.

By Saima Murad

Balochistan Pakistan

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