Overlooking Tijaban

Overlooking Tijaban

Tijaban is a small village located in Turbat Baluchistan. It contains a large population which is 74 kilometer far from Turbat. There is one high school namely, Govt high school Tijaban which is established meaninglessly however total population of the students 2,000 (1500 boys/500 girls) uncertainly there are negligible classrooms where students have no places to sit and study.

Students of the school mostly have decision of leaving education. Some leave other places like Turbat, Quetta for reading and in examination they come back. Teachers have no any tremendous role motivating and educating children; they are neither serious with their duties nor they prepare for the classes well.

Most worryingly, they provide half of their salaries to other ordinary people to teach the students. Learning development of the students will not expand totally if the students are taught and guided wrongly.

The established research educational organizations, education ministers, education departments and the concerned authorities are strongly requested such visits; check in balance should be conducted for educational institutions (Govt high school Tijaban).

By Hamid Dost
Balochistan Pakistan

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