Poor Education Quality

Poor Education Quality

Education sector in any country is believed to be very sensitive to be dealt with. Unfortunately, in most part of the country, government schools are run without being monitored and supervised. Having studied in a government school, I realized how much time was wasted without any gains.

A school is a platform which introduces the world to a child by different activities performed within the class by teachers. To be frank, teachers in governmental schools have no sense of duty and responsibility at all. On the other hand, most of the teachers lack the actual training and capability to deal with the students in imparting quality education. This is because of appointment of teachers on recommendation or reference and without considering merit.

Unluckily, education department is playing the role of a silent spectator over this serious issue. It is said that teachers are architects but if they lack skills of good architecture, future of students are bound to be ruined. Teachers duty is believed to be holy if only performed honestly. Most students are taught by cramming which is similar to creating robots.

In order to create an educational and working workforce, responsible authorities should conduct survey to schools and assess the quality of teaching in all school.

By Fida Umrani
Balochistan Pakistan
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