Ability makes Successful

Ability makes Successful

Ahmed, come sleep the time is late, said his mom.
I have challenged a friend to get first position in the first term exam, Ahmed replied.
You can’t be educated overnight if you have challenged then continue your study every day and take out time to study and make a timetable for reading, Mom told.

Ok, mom, but make me wake up earlier in the morning because my teacher told me at morning time everyone’s mind is fresh whatever he/she wants to learn can get and learn by heart within some minutes. And I have to learn my all subjects by heart.

After five days when he asked to some of his friends that how is your preparation for the annual exam?

Are you thinking about exam? We have planned that this time we write the answers of some questions under the lap and can write easily without tension and preparation. Jameel said.

But I don’t cheat I want to be able and get success, cheating makes our mind poor and weak because this habit makes our hearts satisfaction but destroys our mind. Ahmed said.
Ok, don’t share your precious points to us and let see who will be first position, because we write the exact answers of the questions and we get more marks than you. Jameel said.

Dear students, after five days your exam is going to be started but work hard and leave useless games and wondering here and there all the day, because your exam is more special than these games. The teacher said after putting attendance at morning time.
Yes, sir. We obey you, Ahmed told to teacher.

Sir, where will our exam be taken? And who is our supervisor? Said Aslam, Jameel’s friend.
Where before exam was taken, in the big hall. And I hope that my all students get good marks and make my name bright. Teacher replied.

after five days when first paper got started then Ahmed became worried that I am working hard day and night but they are enjoying all the day and happy even though I don’t get time to visit my best friends, and grandmother due to exam preparation. Process of exam was going and at the last paper teachers told us that on next Monday your result be announced then Ahmed came out of the hall then Jameel and his friends came to Ahmed to ask him about his papers, so Ahmed told to them I have solved my all questions whether I get good numbers or not.

hmed was thinking that he had challenged Sideeq to get first position, but he is not sure that he will be first. Ahmed didn’t share his secret to them because he thought if he says to Jameel that you cheated in the exam the chances are there for you to get first position then they will be stubborn and fight with him.

On Monday Ahmed and his friend whom with each other challenged and Jameel with is friends came in school, were waiting. All the students were sitting teachers started announcing the results of the classes then the turn of Ahmed’s class’s result came all students were silent and paying attention.

When teacher started announcing the result then Ahmed and his friend whom with challenged to get first position have simply passed the exam and Jameel became first and his two other friends became second and third.

Jameel and his friends were happy and laughed on Ahmed and his friend that see us, you are just so-called hard working students. Said Jameel.
When Ahmed went to home he was worried that my father and mother scold me that you didn’t work hard for exam and you were always busy with your books but yet you have not gotten good numbers, so he was compel to go home.

Ahmed, you are worried, don’t be worry you are able you will be successful. And Your school friends came to me to tell me that your son has worked day and night is simply pass and we have cheated but we are first. I know you are a hard working student but they are cheaters and took your numbers, there is time for you for next term. Mom said and motivated her son.

Ahmed joined his after result and was happy,  also was the best student in the class. All teachers praised him and all the teachers supported him because he respected the teachers a lot and was a quick-witted student. Because of his goodness the head of the school gave him a laptop.

After it school’s rules got changed that there will be CCTV cameras in the exam hall. When exam was near,  so Ahmed was working hard to bring good numbers this term. When exam started Jameel and his friends were worried about doing ratification, all papers were finished then Jameel didn’t come to Ahmed and didn’t share their secrets to him this time, because they didn’t write any questions and were shameful.

when result came Ahmed and his friend passed with great numbers and became first position and Jameel with his friends failed the exam.

By Ahmed Shah Turbat

Balochistan Pakistan

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