Believe on Allah

Believe on Allah

Once upon a time there was a woman who had two small children and woman was very much poor because her husbanddied due to it she was very alone and only earner. She felt alone in her life with her small children. she was not having any kinds of job by which she could feed her children and make their life enjoyable so for this one day she went in a shop for working but shopkeeper didn’t give work to woman rather he insulted the woman and took out her from shop and  made fun of her then the woman didn’t say anything, left from there with her tearful eyes.

She prayed to God that what should I do??? no one is ready to give job than how I will feed my children and how will I serve a better life to my children? At the time, one stranger came near to the woman when he saw her tears coming out, asked the woman that what happened? why are you crying then she told complete roblems to the stranger and he suggested her to believe on Allah, because he is maker, master and provider.

Some minutes after the stranger went from there than the poor woman again went to another place for finding job. With searching job, complete day she felt tired sat down for a small rest. At the time a girl’s eyes sight got her looking worried,  came and asked the poor woman her problems.

She said that she is poor and her husband died now she is only earner of her family also she has two children so for this she needs any kind of work by which she would feed her children and serve a better life to make them comfortable and avoid them from begging.

Similarly,  girl listened to the painful story of helpless woman then her tears came out  and hearted, she felt pity on her. Therefrom she decided to give her a job in her house when poor woman listened to this then she became very much happy. Fortunately, her problems got solved.

By Bakhtawar Ali Mohammed

Balochistan Pakistan

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