Bureaucracy in Balochistan

Bureaucracy in Balochistan

CSS (central Superior services) is considered one of the toughest exams in the world and in Pakistan it has been the toughest. Every year the number of aspirants is getting increased by a great percentage from all over the Pakistan. As Balochistan has been backward in this competitive exam from the beginning the number of candidates from the largest province has been low and still it isn’t improved that much.

There have been some solid reasons in this regard since the province has been lacking behind in term of education from the intuitive days. But the prosper provinces lake Punjab have covered the seats of this competitive just because the government has been providing better facilities in the province and awareness in Punjab. It is a fact that, in other provinces it is too common to appear in such an exam without putting any efforts. But the Baloch people have been very much far from the name of such examination like (CSS/PCS).

However, a proverb says, better late than never. No matter for a long time we haven’t been aware of competitive exams but as now a new trend has been started in Balochistan for the competitive examinations and a true love for education since in years such trust for knowledge the Baloch people haven’t seen but in recent days due to the social sites and social news awareness is spreading in a rapid manner which is attracted the young ones in Balochistan for bureaucracy. In fact, in these 4 years of the new Government we have seen a lot of improvement in Balochistan especially in the backward parts of Balochistan.As in the recent years a University in Turbat has been established and within four years the University has been functional fully and the new building is now functional with a huge strength of students.

Similarly, the Governor of Balochistan inaugurated a wonderful public library for the citizens of the same city which brought results in the resent days. As before some months CSS 2017 result got announced and a young man named Bakthyar Ismail who scored 140th position in Central Superior services is from Turbat. It is not the first time this city has given bureaucrats to the federal government but many others before. Moreover, the students of Balochistan aren’t less than anyone but they need proper attention and facilities to become the leaders of Quaid,s Pakistan. Which would be possible if our democratic parties pay a little more attention to the backward parts of Balochistan.

Thus, now the students from Balochistan are going in other developed provinces for preparation of competitive exams, if the government tries to build some  trustworthy institutions or encourages the academies to  come and invest in the cities like Turbat and Gwadar to promote the trend of PCS and CSS to the Baloch common massive it would make Balochistan students feel proud on Pakistan.

Apart from this, Turbat University has brought a change in the region as compare to the previous literacy rate and we the citizens of Pakistan hope that government would try her level best to build some academies in the recently developed cities of Balochistan to boost up the confidence of Baloch students towards bureaucracy and make them contributive bureaucrats of Pakistan.

By Sabir K.B

Balochistan Pakistan

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