Cancer in Pakistan 

Cancer in Pakistan 

Cancer which is one of the viral diseases which is spreading increasingly in the country. Nowadays cancer is so common in the country but it is downtrodden that cancer is being divided one person to another person.However, enormous people who are being victimized of cancer but our government who is sitting soundless and peoples are living their lives effortlessly.

Shockingly, Pakistani peoples who are traveling other countries for the treatment of this hazardous disease. Due to unavailability of cancer hospitals in the country. Countless peoples are dying each year and still, it is boosting sharply. It is highlighting that this disease transferring innocent children and children are being Vitim cancer.According to the statement that it may spread other parts of the body through the lymphatic system or the bloodstream and it caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division. If it will not be control then the reason will be death.

There isn’t any treatment of this disease then it is hard to survive their lives because it can effect our bones, blood, skin cancer, breast cancer and including many more.Moreover, breast cancer which is most simple in women life but according to the report 40,000 who are loosing their treasure life. It is being neglected in the country from long years. Enormous peoples are being victimized of this freight disease. Cancer which once entered in our body then it can’t let us continue our lives in this entire universe.

Ironically, we can’t see single hospital which we treat this viral disease but shockingly we are going one country to another country to treat this disease. This question is hitting of my mind that why we are leaving our country and migrating another country?

We don’t that much facilities which we fulfill our amenities and finish the disease. Whereupon, history is witness that numberless peoples were death rather that wasn’t any hospital actually that time population was less and peoples who were unaware. Public were not that much develop. But now world is going developing path still they are not developing their public. The government must eradicate the disease in the country and organise such disease hospital in the country which we protect our lives.

By Chakar Shahdad

Balochistan Pakistan

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