Corruption on Education Sector

Corruption on education sector

Corruption is the foam of dishonesty, unethical and think about their personal benefits. Corruption included many activities such as bribery and embezzlement. In this world, they are many people who are doing corruption. In the same way, government corruption happens when employees, people think their own personal gains. Corruption in education is a common issue in the country. Corruption in schools, colleges, universities is considered one of the most corrupt areas of education sector.

There are many leaders in educational sectors who are corrupt, eating the funds of institutions. Actually everyone is aware about the high level of corruption in colleges, schools as well as universities which are destroying the education system of country. In high level of education system is very low. Even though there is no any facilities for getting education. Today the students are suffering from multiple challenges. There are more than 5.5 million children are out of schools in Pakistan in the world except Nigeria. Just because of corruption. According to the reporters there are number of ghost teachers who get their salaries in every month and take the funds as well.

Furthermore, there are many ghost teachers in the country who don’t attend their classes or send the unqualified teachers in place of them. There is lack of schools buildings, the lack of resources, facilities such as drinking water, toilets etc. The classrooms are without doors, windows and white boards. According to the reporters a federal government pays 8 billion to 13094 schools all over Pakistan but unfortunately 8000 of them are ghost schools. But nothing is being given to the schools just because of corruption. Among all the most of the ghost schools and teachers are in Baluchistan province. 6000 of the 12500 schools in province without basic facilities. It is impossible to find a person who are honest with their duty. Everyone is doing corruption. Now it has become a trend whether primary or university level.

Education plays an important role for the development of nation. It shows the right path of honesty and thinking about others. It has the power to bring the people of a nation together. The government should be serious regarding this issue.

By Alijan Dilwash

Balochistan Pakistan

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