Deforestation Issues in Pakistan


Forest plays an important role in the world. It is the source of development of country. It is called the natural resources which is gifted by Allah the Almighty. It is also the source of earning money. It cleans the environment and avoids the people from diseases. According to the expert forest should be covered 25% of the country but unfortunately in Pakistan the total area of the country is covered only 4%.

They are very much important to the human life and the beauty of nature. On the other hand, deforestation has brought a huge change effect on the earth. The world is being polluted, the ratio of pollution is being increased, such as air pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution,  water pollution and many more in the country. It is affecting the ozone layer. Allah the Almighty has given us a mind to use the things in a limit.

Human use the earth for houses, roads etc but unfortunately for the fulfilling their wishes or desires, they are cutting the forests increasingly. People cut them but don’t afforestation the trees. Among these Baluchistan is in worst conditions, in all provinces of the country just KPK is somehow better then others. Furthermore, they are cleaning the land of forest and trees. Most of the lands are being used in various reasons such as building, houses as well as agricultural sector.

The land is being used growing of crops and other need of human beings. Trees take carbon dioxide and release oxygen due to this the people are alive in the world. The population is increasing. In Pakistan the majority of people are living in rural areas and depend on the forest. They use woods for cooking, earning by forests. According to the experts in 2050 Pakistan will lose a great percentage of water.

The rain ratio is low. In different areas of the country, there is lack of water. Mostly in country the public is suffering for water. The agriculture sector is being destroyed and the economy rate is being low. They are using dirty water due to this they are getting multiple diseases like cancer, malaria etc. Different kind of gases are destroying the ozone layer. At last, it is must for government to take a serious step against deforestation.

They should work hard to grow more and more trees as well as government should provide security for the securing of forests mostly they should care the rural area. They must grimace those lands which are without trees and uncovered by forests.

By Alijan Dilwash

Balochistan Pakistan

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