Disturbances of Lyari

Disturbances of Lyari

As a member of Lyari i am going to utter that we are facing immense disturbances which is Electricity, Water and pollution of streets. What I remember four years went we don’t have electricity but, if it comes then just for three hours in a day whenever the meter bill comes that reached in 15000 or sometimes 20,000 as well, like this we are in trouble to pass our lives.

Likewise, the water of Lyari is coming as gutter water that can’t be drink nor to be used for other activities. On the other sides if we overlook the garbage’s of streets which are too many and very dirty, to boot we face a lot of problems to walks in the streets. Thus, it is request to the Government to solve our problems soon.

By Jeehand Peer Baksh

Karachi Pakistan

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