Failure my Guider

Failure my Guider

Mukhan was a failure in her life when we discuss on her the “world can make you breath you, they can head your south” they are damage your forever when she used positive words for her life. they call it “adversity “ she called it “opportunity “ they called it “ weakness” she called it “ strength” they sew “disability “ she saw “ ability “ they called her disabled  she differently abled.

She has disastrous incident in her life but she used positive words for her. While she was 16 years old she got married and she with her husband felt sleepy in a car her husband felt sleepy car became accident her backbone. She was in 5 days in hospital. Doctor said. I have a bad dream for your that you can be fantastic artist but you will not be able to handle the pen. Again the doctor said. You backbone is broken you will not be able to Babe.

She became lame yet on cycles. She told her mother what is the purpose of life to be alive?

After some days she thought world runs through acceptance. She went to orphanage take a boy went to his home to mother and talked that she is the best mother of him she is the best mother of that him. His mother accepted that nourish him carefully. It was called Ali Murad the true son of her. She was foiled to get a body but never give up tried to create positive directions she has always maintain trying to make her husband worker that should work for writing. She as well tried and practicing to create or draw photos to be a fantastic artist.

She told to the people of her society that if she doesn’t have power or ability to stand walk life she doesn’t have opportunity to write or work and if she doesn’t have empowerment to get baby because I am lame and my backbone is broken but she has the power and ability to suggest you that people said that failure is not an option but actually it is an option as well giving up must not be the option anyone.

People asked that achieve and then suggest others. She answered to the public of society that it is the nature of God but still she continued and progressed to her hands. She said if it depends upon trying for ten days it would be shown to them she wanted to be shown to then she wanted to make her hands Refract because it is the technological era one can walk but cannot write.

Being a miser women God felt the pain of her made her hands able to write and draw. Now she is the best women artist came from a poor province Balochistan Kowhai still she is lame out an idealist.

By Nazeer Gungozar

Balochistan Pakistan

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