Gawadar once again

Ths shortage of water in Gawadar

Gawadar once again facing an immense problem related to water. It is really imponderable to live without but, the people of Gawadar are in trouble to pass their lives without water, on the other hands there was a shutter down strike because of No water in Gawadar according to the people of Gawadar who have said “if the CM of Baluchistan can pass his life without water surly we will do the same as to pass our life like him”.

To boot, China which is known a developed country and brought it’s hand in Gawadar but yet not doing anything to support the people of Gawadar to save their lives. Likewise, it is requested to the CM of Baluchistan to save the lives and not to let the Gawadar to became a well of bead bodies.

By Jeehand Peer Baksh 

Balochistan Pakistan

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