Hope is the Dinner of Poor People

Hope is the dinner of poor people

Once upon a time in a small village a poor family lived. This poor was consisted on four members’ father, mother, son, and daughter. The parents wanted that their child should get an education but lack of wealth they didn’t get. Their father was had a small filed which was far from the dam of village. In a year this man gets water from the dam two times.

One is middle of year and 2nd whenever the rain will happen even sometimes rain was not happened. His family was worried about but this man always suggests his family that Allah is great and we should not be hopeless from Allah because without hope we don’t have anything. Sometimes his children said to him that we want to get education then in place of being worried he replied that I hope you will get and don’t be worried because due to hope we will get success. After 4 months an officer came in this village he saw the conditions of this village then he announced a school for that village and also said that government will give money for all things of education.

This family became happy and thanked Allah. After one week another man came from city he was a trader as well as a very kind man. He came for buying wheat he saw all fields of all people and also saw that man one. That man once was not that much but due to his condition he bought also poor man wheat. This man started taking his wheat every time he came and his children continue education. At the end this man became rich and his children passed their matric and went to city for getting higher education. In city they work hard for getting education and in village their father. After 6 years they got their goals and jobs. Their parents became happy and I said to you don’t lose your hope because hope is everything.

By Imtiaz Ali

Balochistan Pakistan

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