How to Develop Interest in Study

How to Develop Interest in Study

It is a fact that study one of the most important elements for students which developed them mentally and physically when someone pays attention to it. No doubt, we have to focus what to read? And how to read? For this every students need to know which field i am interest to go? But unfortunately, we do not think so. We say it’s fine whatever we know.

 Moreover, reading books can help all the students to be interconnected with the burning issues and problems around them. or if a student is very weak ,he can’t understand the sentences; so he/she must read those sentences again and again till they understand them . It is a very good fact for readers. Furthermore, the best thing is to recognize who are you and the happiest is what to find? And also management of time plays a vital role in a student life and study. A good reader is a brilliant manager who manages the time well and love to study.

 However, all students have to be creative. Because creativity comes through reading books, newspapers and interest comes through believing in you. When someone believes that he can do anything then no one is there to prevent him from doing that thing which he loves to do. Hence, being a good student and a nice reader we should not lose our courage and always keep interest in reading.

By Noor Bakhsh

Balochistan Pakistan

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