Journalists killing

Journalists killing

Journalists are the most important part of a society who has only service to inform at one about all over the world. The only good performance of the journalists to provide knowledge regarding the world laws, peace sit auctions and the developments of the world countries. Without them one cannot conduct information to be a knowledgeable human but still they are Vitim of different kind of attacks in the country.

Pakistan is the fifth number of lasting journalists in the world. it is necessary for the journalists to be loyal reporter and to include the truth situations of any action in any country journalists have to face pressures from both state and non-state action while carrying out their routine duty informing the public of the facts Media workers have paid with their lives sometimes for upsetting powerful quarters by their reporting .Affair day before a journalist was attacked in federal capital.

Four journalists were killed and one was arrested in Waziristan because they shared such reports which were unloved by the non-states. And as well a government where up ducted in Lahore Zeenat in 2015 was released in 2017. 24 October she was kidnapped that she shared and high the issue of Indian man Hamid Ansari who was arrested by Pak Army in border of Afghanistan that he entered illegally in the country she has been loyal discussed his issue truth as well sent an application to Peshawar and Supreme court that she was up ducted by Pak Army .she was with them for two years.

There are some journalists who fear the infirmness of government includes news against the groups. They are the victim of every kind of group’s state non – state religious groups, freedom fighter groups and many others are some countries where journalists have no option to survive more Iraq in first number, Syria second number, Russia 3rd number Pakistan is the fifth number but the Thursday conducted program of journalists on crime Organization Pakistan became the 13 number from the 120 countries.

India and Pakistan Balochistan are in the same boat. A journalist was killed in India by unknown people while she shared and includes points against the government. A Question raised be the public that “why was she killed?” she shared nerves against government .it does not mean that issue gets high but it shows the weakness of the government.

It is too much important to Crete great performance for a government to free the journalist to include what issue should be free then they would not be killed by groups. Also it is important to share news Pakistan has lost 16 journalists in this year.

By Nazeer G

Balochistan Pakistan

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