Let me to Fly 

Let me to Fly 

“One two

Buckle my shows

Three four

Shat the door

Shat the door…………..” Teacher is coming, said Saba while she was sinning the poem with Guljan outside of the class which was empty. “Good morning teacher”  ”Good morning class. Yes, class how are you every one is fine yes, good. “She starts taking attendance of students. Paire who is one of the talented student in her class and friend of Saba and Gulljan. Every day they come in school together.

Tan tan…………… Ball second every one run for their home .the three friends run in their way.” Tet’s today do something different with our daily activities.” Said Guljan”.” yes, “Saba said when she was talking.” let’s go somewhere for playing. “paire laughed and said “ then come in our home and as well as we do our homework “. Paire was richer with his villagers. They both were excited that they will be going there. “Which time should we come” Guljan said when they were leaving one another. They decided 4 o’clock of meeting in the gate of paire’s home. They came   there before time.

“Waa what a beautiful home “when they enter they exclaimed.  Paire show her beautiful topics which they were never seen. They were shocked that what these are. Saba asked “who much does it cast“. While a beautiful doll was in her hand. She reply “I don’t know my father bought those I thank it is not expanses “

In evening time was too much interesting while they were playing with brides, parrots, and other Animals “where these were bought?” Gulljan asked “these are bought in Karachi and some are bought in USA /UEA and those are too much expenses but do not be warred those beds are available in Naseem‘s shops. Tomorrow one should have one one bride we will go for playing. What you think about this. “ paire said

They were too much shocked that who, and why they should play with brides since Parie has different kinds of toy, but stall she told to then that they should bay brides.” What are the homes work of tomorrows?” Gulljan asked.” Tomorrows???????……. Home works, I thank …….. No home work? Tomorrow is the test of English”.  Saba said “English… then are you ready for it?  Gulljan asked. “Yes, it is very simple there is only two lessen. Which we read newly in last week.” Saba response. “Good bay Saba we will meet tomorrow” Gulljan Said “Good bay “be ready for test.”Saba replayed

 When they reached near to their home then each friend get their own way. When gulljan reached at home her father was already there.  “Daddy….. Hi! Daddy who are you?” Gulljan asked. “I am fine my offspring daughter. What is the reason that you are happy “? Her father asked. She went to her father lap ‘’ daddy will you bay a bride for me “she asked. “What will you do with it “her father asked? “ I will play with my friends. Do you know my friend Paire who is reading in my class? She said tomorrow everyone should have bride because we will play with brides “she said. “Why you play with brides. I well bring a beautiful doll for you and as well as for your friends with those you should play? Her father said.” No daddy they all have brides just I will not be have brides.” she said.” then you should try to conveys you friends that they should not try to do cruelty with nan language animals let them fly these beautiful in sky to in our hands Since god make the sky for them the why we should do injected with them.” her father suggest her.

Next day they all meet in school they start making planning for evening with their brides. “Gulljan do you say?” Saba Asked know. “The animals are beauty of the nature those are not for us. These are made for sky. Put your hand in your hart and ask yourself if one should put you in jule then what should be your condition.

By Naik Bakht  Swali

Balochistan Pakistan

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