Mand Schools Without Teachers

Mand Schools without Teachers

Mand is a major town of Kech District where thousands of people abide and there are more than 5 to 6 schools. Which had been constructed but there is lack of teachers. And there are more than 5 schools which don’t have competent teachers. It hurts me to vocalize that there some of the teachers who are playing with the students’ lives because they do illegal works in schools in front of students.

Such as smoking, cannabis and a lot more bad activities. Everyone needs good quality education but it doesn’t give me gratification to utter that Mand people desires are not being fulfilled. The teachers are auto nous because they made a law to be present in one day and are absent other remaining days of the week and when month comes towards ending so all are present to get the salary.

Many governmental teachers are there who are teaching in private school with the aim to get extra money. They don’t judge this issue that student’s time is being frittered because of them.

We shouldn’t forget that youths are the back bone and opinion makers of a nation or a country if they will be uneducated then this will be a big loss for a nation.They don’t look after the students. The teachers of governmental schools have hearts of stone. The situations of Mand schools had been deteriorated because of the teachers.

Government just constructed buildings and has given names of school. What I deem empty schools and without teachers a person or a child can’t be educated.

Majority of Mand youths started leaving reading and started working in shops or garages and I am embarrassed to say that many youths started smoking and taking bad things which are bad for health or a society, many people adhere those teachers who are playing with students’ lives so at last I plead to concerned authorities to take dire and prompt action against this issue because it is a big disaster for our youths.

By Junaid Guahram

Balochistan Pakistan

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