Modern Technology

Modern Technology

Technology plays an important role in today’s world. It helps the country for the development of economy rate. It helps the people to make their works easier. Now we can see, it has brought a huge change in human life. It has been one of the necessary parts of our life. It is playing its vital role in field weather it is education, agriculture, transportation, health sector, business and many more. It is playing a brilliant role on education development.

It is also increasingly growing it’s importance in the education sector. It provides to the students more benefits for the getting education. It is helping the students to understand and absorb what they are being taught. There are a number of students who are connected to the Internet, computer, it gives the students quizzes, tests, activities and assets the students to continue their educated in further. On the other hand, they are getting a lot of opportunities and beneficial from the usage of technology. It is useful in providing more knowledge and information to the students, make them perfect to complete all over the world.

It is playing a vital role for the development of the agriculture. Today it is possible to grow more and more crops to the usage of technology. For the agriculture different kinds of machines are made which are being used in agriculture. It provides seeds and credit vital for farmers. Marketing facilities, roads and electricity. Due to this, the economy rate is being developed in the country. The country is considered one of the most agriculture countries in the world. Because of modern technology the crops come in market safety.

The role of technology in supporting the development of better services for local area. It gives the people to achieve a better health facility. Today in every hospitals the computers, Internet and different kinds of machines are being used for the treatment of patients. In past due to lack of modern technology, many patients have been died but happily today doctors are able to save the patients easily. They are taking a bundle of benefits from it. More interestingly,  transportation is the only source which guides the people to go one place to another  easily. Because technology has made new buses, cars, aero planes and many more are being used for travelling.

They helps the people to reach their destination without any problems. Actually in past people took one month for going another place but today they can travel only for one hour and get their destination. Also it has made driving and traffic management better and safer for everyone.  At last, it is must for every citizens to use technology in a best way, also try to use it for the development of the country and nation.

By Alijan Dilwash
Balochistan Pakistan

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