My Mother

My Mother

My mother is best among mothers

She is the greatest among others

Whenever she is near

Then I have no fear

Due to her my family gets gather

May I never get apart from my mother

She is the best gift from creator

Because she has been my supporter

I thank my Allah for my mother

I love Allah for giving me my mother

She is the best creature

Love and care are her feature

My mother is the love’s center

By whom in paradise may I enter

I get the whole world in her

Nothing I want when I have her

I thank my mother for the love she sowers

She helps me without thinking of her in all troubles

May I never get apart from my mother

May I always have my mother

For everything I thank my mother

I can’t live without my mother

Samra Ahmed’s love and prayers are with you dear mother

May you be happy and live forever

By Samra Ahmed
Balochistan Pakistan
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