Neglected Talents

Neglected Talents

It is clear fact that in Atta Shad degree college Kech talents of the students are being neglected due to not having proper rules and regulation. As there was a time the same institution was known the place of creating talents but in present it is the place where talents are buried. Because teachers are autonomous beside this they can’t figure out that attending the period are obligation and all the day students are sitting under the shadow trees who are coming in college from far away in order to get something.

However, no one can deny the fact that the system is loose from the head of the institution who is imposing such kinds of rules which are not needed to be imposed in college. It is considered that in Mukran Atta Shad degree college is the biggest college by the number of students but the reasons students are facing unbearable condition.

So, I request to the provincial government as soon as possible kindly act on those problems by which the future of students are being eradicated and pay full attention on educational department so that they should be honest on their duty and not forget their obligation.

By Hussam Hussain

Balochistan Pakistan

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