Neglecting Education Sector

Neglecting Education Sector

Education system in most parts of Baluchistan displays a bleak picture of despair. Education quality in governmental educational institutions is not only appalling but also disappointing. Poor infrastructure, unyielding quality and non-functional school buildings add a lot to the education-related miseries of the people. Irresponsibility and incompetence of teachers has even deteriorated the situation. People left at the hands of so called authorities have been going through innumerable problems for a very long time.

There exists approximately 5000 state-run school with a single room and single teacher in Baluchistan. The poor infrastructure and lack of basic facilities at these schools have resulted in a dozen of problems for children enrolled there. Lack of furniture, potable water, washrooms and other necessary equipment are some command things to worry about. On the contrary, reportedly 7000 schools remain without shelter across Baluchistan including rural areas.

There are other miseries to add fuel to the fire like  963 schools which are yet to be made functional despite an education emergency imposed. More funds need to be allocated in the budget to make these dysfunctional schools functional by inducting more teachers but this seems to of no concern for concerned people. Despite the declaration of provincial government with regard to education emergency and implementation of article 25 which says free education be imparted to children within age of 5 to 16, no amelioration has yet been noticed.

What is disheartening is that only 34 percent of school teachers are graduates. Most of teachers have been appointed on the basis of reference, recommendation and keeping the self interest in mind which is alarming. Teachers lack the basic teaching skills and techniques which can produce effective students. On the other hand, these teachers and schools go under no supervision and monitoring at allow which is even more alarming.

Many of teachers are not punctual and some even go on long leave without anyone among the related authorities noticing it. It is of great concern that teachers who are thought to be architects of students’ future are playing around with them. A great deal of dropouts takes place before even completing primary level because of lack of facilities, incompetence and irresponsibility of teachers in many rural areas of Baluchistan.

Many other children belonging to poor class can’t make it to the schools because of the non-availability of schools in their villages. This has resulted in an increase in the number of private schools which have emerged with hefty amount of fee without being affordable for people living below line. The poor quality of education in governmental schools have generated a tendency among people to get their children enrolled in private educational institutions or let them away from schools.

Textbooks are made so lengthy that they are impossible to be completed within the year. And congested classrooms are difficult for the teachers to deal with. A classroom with almost 80 to 90 students will definitely suffer from lack of teachers attention. This is why most of the students remain unattended throughout the year and resort to cheating as a tool in examinations to get promoted to next classes. Such students face and create more troubles and can affect the education quality.

To fix these problems provincial government needs to feel the need me hour and raise funds to improve the educating quality in the province. More schools are to established in especially those areas which remain without facility of transportation to travel to other schools. Basic necessities and facilities are needed to provide to all schools and teachers should work under supervision and monitoring of concerned authorities in order to ameliorate the quality. This is how an efficient education system can emerge.
By Fida Umrani
Karachi Pakistan

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