Pollution in Pakistan

Pollution in Pakistan

The worlds pollute means to make something dirty or destroy the purity of something. It is one of the major environmental problems in our country. It damages the life of human beings and on the activities of living beings. There are many types of pollution including air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and many more.

Air pollution has  become a grave problem which is destroying the purity of air. People throw harmful materials, use of gases in large quantities, chemicals and burning of oil due to which the atmosphere gets polluted. People eventually get different kind of diseases like cholera, typhoid, asthma and skin cancer as well as damages the heath of human. On the other hand, it is affecting the ozone layer and making the earth hotter day by day.

The major cities of the country are suffering from noise pollution including Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and many more. The main reason of noise pollution is traffic of buses, cars, trucks, rickshaws and other vehicles. Likewise, it is very dangerous for the citizens of Pakistan because it affects the kidneys of human.

One of y most horrifying issues in water pollution in our country. Mostly the toxic substances the soil going to the rivers and oceans. A number of garbage’s are thrown into the water because of this fishes and living environment of nature is being destroyed by dangerous chemicals that cause the death of the entire ecosystems.

Being responsible citizens we have to take a serious action against pollution. We need to bring new principals for the prevention of pollution in our country. The effect of pollution includes acid rain, a various diseases and illness of people or animals as well as global warming. These problems must be resolved and make our environment clean.

By Alijan Dilwash

Balochistan Pakistan


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