Poor quality education in Pakistan

Poor quality education in Pakistan

 The word (learning) means to acquire or increase your knowledge. Birth until death we are in the process of learning and modifying our knowledge. It is the one and only thing which leads a person towards observation and observation provide knowledge.

As well give a glance towards the learning system of Pakistan especially in institutions than it will prove that our educational or learning process is next to nothing. In Pakistan education system is in bad conditions and suffering from many problems. Mostly in government schools students are being taught with the language of stick.

In urban areas students are unable to get proper and quality education because of disappointment of teachers and their harsh behaviors with students, it is not the only fault of teachers rather, state is also involved in this case. Anyhow, government is not paying attention towards the education sector. In schools facilities are not being provide. Like water and toilet which are very much essential for every individual.

 As a great personality beautifully said that (education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army). Islam also suggest us about education and its importance. The real essence of education according to Islam is to know (Allah) but I think in our country we trustily lost. In Pakistan just students are being prepared for “money” nothing else. It is a fact that without education it is impossible to compete with the world.

So for being a good competitor Pakistani government should provide technical education and should remove gender discrimination because due to this we are not developing it all. Government should eradicate corruption, poverty as well as mismanagement. Education should not be used as a business rather, educational policies and full attention should be given. Funds should be increased. So that the educational system should be build.

By Sulaiman Zadaad

Balochistan Pakistan

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