Success is in Tolerance 

Success is in Tolerance 

At early morning a group of children were going to school they were in new uniforms and wearing new shoes. From roadside a boy named Ali moving towards his garage and gazing them. He was thinking that how much they are happy with their lives, there is no any burden on them they are free from everything but I with a garage…..! Very much busy even I don’t have any new cloths, new shoes and many more which they have I don’t. Every day Ali repeats these words in his mind until he reached in garage. In garage Ali was the pupil of Zafar who was known a great mechanic and mechanical teacher also high qualified Engineers use to parse him but the important property of Zafar was his behavior. Zafar was a well behave person.

He always suggests Ali “Never consider yourself weak everything happens for our own good” who knows? May your work leads you towards success. Remember, whatever you are doing make it your passion and find your success in it. Mostly Zafar repeats these words to Ali due to Ali’s nervousness but that time all words penetrated to Ali’s heart like arrows and inject him courage and bear to face all difficulties. From there Ali promised with himself that he will earn a huge respect behind of his work.

Likewise Ali took interest in his work. He starts proudly his work. Day and night he starts working and fixed that he will do something different which will turn a mechanic into an engineer. During 15 years Ali suffered a lot but after 15 years Ali’s efforts raise him like a kite which flies on sky and he became that much successful who goes for inventing new mechanical things.

Later Ali has considered a Mechanical Engineer and the government saw his efforts and success he denominated Ali has a mechanical engineer also offered him a job. Ali became an engineer and a government servant without education due to his efforts and courage. Ali’s efforts, courage and tolerance taught to all society that bear, tolerance, courage compel the success to touch anyone’s feet. In this word several challenges are their which can raise a person up when he/she bear and tolerance everything and face them with courage.

By Azad

Balochistan Pakistan
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