The Thirsty South

The thirsty south

Life is the name of searching also famous story but this story is higher than a saying.

Alas! If get a chance twice, I want became a fool twice. I will put my each put by the name of God I won’t do insubordination of my parent’s uffs ……! My all world became waste all the time of my life , Evening night ,day ,hot cold ,bright future surrounding ,purpose and destination ,father and Mather each and every meeting with fancy and I put the upcoming time for some I followers her life crazy man ,I keep a big place for her in my heart.

This was my way of thing .One day I with make her bride of my imagination each and every thing I kept in my chest like a rose but I didn’t fell her. I was infatuated for her that night needs a garish color how? it should be asks to my heart .her yesterday’s words bore me totally my all wish became mixed and my dreams meanings’ I thought maybe she wick come again and she would say forgive me don’t go, I cannot be on my shoulder and I saw in her eyes and learnt the emblems of her face “sweet heart today I will go “where will you go “she asked me.

There were no any answers with me. My lips were vibrating and mined was not working suddenly my mouth slipped “I am going to search of my parents and relatives “she console me and relatives “she console me and said “droit forget me “I desparents from my side ‘I departure her and start moving but my heart was not with me to go. I was looking to sky during this called me. you while I listen her I start thinking if I  turn my face Bach my destination will be back ,if I don’t I could not achieve relaxation at the same time she called .my heart forbade me and I turn back while I turn my face back I saw she was running behind of me .

She reached where I was ,and she put the rose into my pocket and said “it is my bear and tolerance taken care of it and also don’t let it to be dry .give this to sun and say to sun your sweet heart cannot be alive without you and also say to sun I am the traveler of night.

I  am your fancy ,I hide my face when I see you “may you understood that I don’t have love that we cannot be together for you I travels I dark nights and bears sorrow and pains but you always leads and those place where you can be relax .thank of me? With words my value but I am infatuated for her also I consider that I cannot be alive without her but unfortunately she never think for me.

Suddenly she said “Ay where are you? I replied “I am present and think about my travel “Lateen she put her hand in my hand and she said “take care don’t forget my message, brother “again she had repeated the same words “brother “and again I realize I am like a start and she is the only moon of entire world .

I took her message and start my destination but I was still confused that what is my destination? Where I need to go? Where my parents and fancy? What about my fancy weather her husband is fights with her or her husband is ok now days. I am only the traveler of darkness fuss……..when my soul achieve relaxation.

By Azhar Altaf

Balochistan Pakistan

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